Inventory Reports

        A comprehensively detailed Inventory and Schedule of Condition which is prepared prior to a tenant moving in to the property, but after the property has been made ready to let

     This report gives a true and accurate description of the property, gardens and its contents.  Describing the condition and cleanliness.  We will accurately record all fixtures and fittings and their condition.  Every item will be recorded in detail.

Our reports include digital photographs.


Check In

        The Check In provides an opportunity for the Tenant to walk through the property with the Inventory Provider so they can properly check through the Inventory. This is usually on the day the Tenancy commences.


        In doing this, the Tenant agrees with the condition, contents and cleanliness of the property. Should there be any comments or alterations to the original Inventory these will be noted on the report at this point. Meter readings will be taken and added to the Inventory and keys will be issued to the Tenant, who will then sign the original Inventory.


       The report will then be forwarded to the client.


Mid Term Inspection

      We will attend the property approximately midway through the period of Tenancy. An inspection will be carried out and we will report back to our client as to its overall condition and highlight any maintenance issues which may have arisen and ensure that the general terms of the Tenancy are being adhered to.


Check Out

      The Check Out is carried out once the Tenant has vacated and all their possessions are removed from the property. 

        We will attend the property with the original Inventory and carry out a further report. We will compare the condition, contents and cleanliness of the property at that point against the original Inventory. Meter readings will again be taken.

This report will highlight the differences found and the opinion of what would constitute for fair, wear and tear versus damage and will also report any maintenance issues.

The Check Out report would then be forwarded to the client.


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